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Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucks

The use of a flatbed truck extends across industries, whether you are in transportation, construction, or general manufacturing, these trucks are vital to any fleet operation. Flatbed trucks are often used for carrying oversized loads or products with unusual shapes.

Flatbeds are essential in the world of towing, agriculture, or dumping. You can also find more about the best flatbed truck service in Virginia through various online sources.

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Some of the most common uses for flatbeds:
Baled Tires
A tire bale is made up of compressed vehicle tires banded together with wire that is then repurposed for construction and other projects such as erosion control, road fill, impact barriers, terraces, retaining walls, and more. One bale consists of about 100 tires and weighs about 1 ton.

Misc. Building Materials

A flatbed truck is not only the most common type of transportation for a construction load but it is also the most practical because the heavy materials can be loaded and unloaded by hand or by these trucks from any direction.

With the use of trusses, materials also have the ability to hang over the edge of the flatbed, some of which wouldn’t fit inside an enclosed box trailer.