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Pursuing a Career in Business Coaching

Business coaches are known to formulate methods to increase employee productivity, which can be very beneficial for employees and employers.

Just like sports coaches, business coaches observe and assess the abilities and business environment of employees before they create procedures and practices to help improve performance and productivity.

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Coaches spend most of their time in the office environment. Some business coaches can work full time; however, because most business coaches are self-employed and work with several other clients, there may be some difference between contracts.

There are several physical demands related to this career, also there is not much risk of injury or illness. For self-employed business coaches, building a strong client base can be stressful.

What Is Needed To Become a Coach?

Although there is not much need for business training, there are some skills and traits that you must complete. Although this is not a comprehensive checklist, meeting the following criteria can ensure that you will be able to handle the challenges that come with obtaining and retaining your first training client:

Business-Related Background: When becoming an MBA or a business-related degree is never a requirement, you must have at least some experience with business, be it running, building or working in it. The closer your previous experience with running or building a business, the better!

People Skills: Being a business coach also requires you to have a deep understanding of human behavior, perhaps more than having a business background.

After all, 35% of business owners hire business coaches for their style and training philosophy, while the area of expertise of coaches comes in second with 27%. This is mainly why, even without a business background, people with psychology or social science backgrounds are also good business consultants.