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Small Farmers Are Important For The Future Of Food Security And Sustainable Food Production

It is generally accepted that "bigger is better" because of the economical savings that can be made for scale, and this was the trend to large-scale agriculture. 

According to the agricultural organization scale, the campaign tends to focus on monocultures because they are easier to manage with heavy machinery. There is no coincidence that large-scale operations are called agribusiness, to produce higher returns, such as the current variation of agriculture to production of biofuel. Therefore more sustainable food production is required in today’s life.

The pressure on farmers to produce more to meet the needs of a growing world population is increasing and it makes sense to make the most of all the food sources on the planet, large and small.

While small farms are likely to mixtures of crops, using techniques such as intercropping and crop and rotate livestock, with manure for soil fertility replenishes, they still need support if they are to increase production.

It is in the areas of access to new agricultural technologies such as biopesticides low chem, bio-fungicides and performance amplifiers, and training in their use, where small farmers could benefit most.

These products are largely derived from natural sources and would fit nicely in the mix of methods and existing small sustainable agriculture or farming techniques to improve performance and reduce crop losses from disease and damage.

Every little increase in output can only help to ensure that there are adequate food supplies for the future, but there is evidence that small farms producing for local markets increase local prosperity, security food and promote social cohesion better.