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Asbestos Disposal Tips How to Ensure Safe Disposal?

Newcastle asbestos

If you are getting your property demolished or renovated and it was built before the ‘80s, you should be careful of the risks of asbestos. The debris may contain those deadly fibres that can cause potential harm to your health. Thus, it’s essential to dispose of them safely to ensure you don’t fall victim. And here, you will learn certain tips about the right approach to asbestos disposal.

The Beginning

Before stepping into the debris, find environment protection & management sites that accept asbestos disposal in your locality. Check the requirements and process before starting. Take early precautions like turning off heating or cooling (if working in a non-demolished building), putting on protective gear like masks, and keeping people and equipment not involved in disposal away.

During Asbestos Removal

An asbestos management plan is a need for the situation here. If you haven’t laid a plan yet, you can follow simple tips:

  • Use plastic to cover the area and heavy-duty plastic beneath the contaminated material to avoid fibres escaping to the flooring.
  • Spray water to reduce the risk of asbestos going airborne.
  • Avoid breaking materials as this could disturb asbestos and release it into the air.

Transport and Disposal

Clean the area thoroughly with a wet cloth. Use asbestos disposal bags to carry all the materials, plastic sheets, and protective gear used during removal. Properly stack the bags so they won’t slip or slide. Label and transport them to the desired destination carefully.

While the process looks easy to read, you should avoid DIY and contract only licensed professionals for the removal and disposal of asbestos in Newcastle.

How to Minimize Costs of Asbestos Removal Service?

asbestos Newcastle removal

Imagine you moved to a new home and soon find it contaminated by asbestos. That would be heartbreaking. And chances of encountering such a situation increase when you buy a building with older construction. While prolonged exposure can cause deadly health issues, you must plan for removal as soon as you find your home exposed to it.

In such a situation, the most common first question is if it’s a possible DIY job. And the answer is a straight no. Removing asbestos needs professionals with proper training and licensing. And that brings a considerable cost along with it. Now, this leads to another question answered below

Does Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

Let’s understand what type of risk asbestos contamination is covered under. Being a pollutant, the asbestos removal process is considered a pollutant cleaning service. Most policies for homeowners don’t offer a cover for such a service. However, that doesn’t mean you will never get reimbursed for asbestos removal.

If a natural disaster exposes materials laden with asbestos, cleaning and repair in such a case might get you a reimbursement.

Can you Avoid High Removal Costs?

You don’t have many choices on discovering asbestos contamination at a place you have been living for long. When you buy a new home, you can make a bit more effort to avoid spending on asbestos removal later. Hire a professional inspection specialist to check for contamination before finalizing the deal. A detailed inspection can also help you know if there are any chances of asbestos appearing in the near future.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional Newcastle asbestos removal service offering the best match of quality and costs.

How to Prevent Exposure to Asbestos?


There are times where many of us may not know the exact appearance of asbestos. If you feel that you’ve just witnessed an asbestos material, then calling an asbestos removal professional is the ideal solution. Nobody should take asbestos lightly as they are known to be a dangerous material. These are the 2 main reasons as to why one should call an expert asbestos removal professional or company.

  1. To Contain – The reason to cover up an asbestos is possible by calling the professional. However, this should only be done if the condition isn’t too bad as it is not a permanent kind of solution.
  2. To Remove – For this reason too, you need to call the professional. This is a permanent solution when it comes to getting rid of the asbestos present inside the house.

Whenever there is work relates to asbestos removal, you should avoid doing all by yourself. Professionals exist for a reason as they have knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with removing this material. However, the truth is that there’s no safety when an individual becomes exposed to asbestos.

So, should you go to visit a doctor if you feel being exposed to asbestos? – This is a subjective answer as it is not mandatory that everyone exposed to asbestos is going to face life-threatening issues later on. If you feel that you’ve been exposed to asbestos, then getting an X-Ray of your chest is the first thing to do. Later, the doctor will check the results who will then confirm whether there’s a risk to asbestos or not.

If you live in Newcastle, there are services for asbestos removal in Newcastle for your safety.