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Salt Therapy Is Natural, Non Invasive and Efficient

Speleotherapy, or underground salt mine therapy, is an alternative and complementary therapy for asthma and other respiratory conditions. It has been used for many years in Eastern and Central Europe. This ancient and natural method of treating salt was the basis for an in-home line of salt therapy products. 

For long-term and easy breathing, these aerosol salt therapy products release tiny particles of salt and negative ions of salt into indoor air. These micro particles are less than 5 microns in size, and can penetrate deeply into the lungs. You can know more about salt therapy via

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Clinically proven to have bactericide, anti-inflammatory, and mucolytic qualities, the salt is well-known. Natural salt's mucolytic properties help to unclog blockages and reduce inflammation in the mucosa lining of the respiratory tract. Salt aerosols contain highly charged negative ions, which attach more easily to positively charged mucosas, increasing their effectiveness.

The salt aerosol reacts with positively charged microparticles from dust, smoke, bacteria and fungi in the indoor air to make them annihilate. Only natural rock salt is used in aerosol salt therapy products. It has not been treated with chemicals. These products are simple to use. They can be connected to the socket and exposed to salt therapy while you sleep.

Salt therapy has been shown to have beneficial effects on asthma, bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. It also helps with allergies, sinusitis and children's ear infections. Salt therapy greatly increases respiratory immunity to colds and allergies. Some respiratory conditions can notice the benefits as soon as the first night of usage.