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Excavator Attachments That Increase The Versatility Of This Machine

An extremely interesting thing about excavators is that on applying its attachments together, you can make this system as adaptable as a Swiss army knife. However, to make it happen, it must be ensured that you understand the different attachments which could be used with this system. In this post, we'll provide you an overview of various sorts of Excavator spare parts and how they may be used.

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1 – Breakers

This item can be fitted exactly with the excavators and telehandlers and may be utilized in many ways once it's attached to the main body. Some of the uses are –

Interior demolition

Flatwork demolition

Rood fix related jobs

Precision demolition jobs

2 – Minute Hammer

This specific product is used only with the excavators. Exactly like the breakers, this item may also be utilized in finishing different jobs. Some of them are –

Driving sheet piles into the ground

Pulling sheet piles from the ground.

3 – Minute cropper

This machine can also be among the excavator attachments and is essentially used for cropping concrete piles. In the last couple of decades, this accessory is now the quickest and the safest technology available for cropping or cutting concrete piles in their foundations. The jaws of the machine may be utilized with the support of hydraulic controls situated in the operator's cabin.

4 – Demolition catch

Another very useful spare part that is used as excavator attachments is known as the"demolition catch". It may be used for several functions like –

Sorting & loading heavy/ bulky stuff.

Lifting boulders

Light demolition works

5 – Plate Compactor

Apart from these 5 essential attachments, the producers of truck bodies urge some other parts also. They are –

Pallet Fork


Tipping Jump For Telehandlers

Fork Extensions

Lifting Hooks For Telehandlers