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About FBA Prep Service In Canada

FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) has Packaging and Prep Requirements for products you ship to and store in Amazon fulfillment centers. 

Proper packaging and preparing units help to reduce delays in receive time, protect your products while in our fulfillment centers, and create a better customer experience. You can also look for the best FBA prep service in Canada via

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If you decide to use the FBA Prep Service, Amazon will prepare your eligible products for a per-unit fee. To have Amazon prepare your products, you must first enable FBA Prep Services. 

When you send inventory to our fulfillment centers, you will be able to select whether your products will be prepared by Amazon or by you. You will have the option to select whether Amazon or you prep each eligible product in your Shipping Plan.

For products that Amazon preps, you will be charged the applicable FBA Prep Service fees based on the prep services Amazon provides as determined by Amazon.

If you choose to have Amazon prep your products, for selected products FBA Label Service may be automatically included in the prep activities on those products, and you will also be charged according to the FBA Label Service Pricing.

You can also choose who preps your products by default on your FBA settings page. Note that changing the default does not affect previously created shipments or any prep preferences you have defined for specific items.