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Raising Awareness of Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

Not all companies use potentially hazardous  chemicals in the workplace, but those who do must train their employees to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Executives who fail to teach their employees the correct safety techniques can increase the risk of accepting insurance claims from employees.

According to the labor protection agency, companies working with hazardous chemicals must have a chemical hygiene plan and chemical spill awareness training that their employees must follow to protect them from potential hazards. The plan should contain:

– Proper use of personal protective equipment

– Methods of reducing worker exposure to hazardous chemicals

– Employee training provisions

– Ensures proper functioning hood and other safety features

– Conditions for medical advice

– Approval of laboratory options, activities and procedures by the employer prior to implementation

– Protection measures for employees

– Appointment of chemical cleaners or skilled workers having the necessary experience and training to propose technical guidelines for the company's chemical cleaning plan

In addition, companies storing hazardous chemicals need to have safety data sheets that are evenly distributed in the workplace. They are designed to provide employees and emergency personnel who may be needed in the event of an accident with a planned procedure for the safe and responsible handling of potential contaminants.

An important addition to the canon for chemical safety and protection is a new, globally harmonized system for the classification and labeling of hazardous chemicals for the benefit of workers and emergency personnel.