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Three Main Types of the Hydraulic Motors

A hydraulic motor is a mechanical component which is attached with the circuit, pump, valves, filters, hoses, metal tubing and other suitable parts.

Without this attachment, the hydraulic motor would fail to affect well at utilizing the pressure of the controlled fluid.

In order to meet the specific equipment’s in plenty of industrial applications; hydraulic motors are designed and manufactured into three main categories. To buy the best hydraulic motors you can choose Products – Hydraulic Motors – Parker MGG Hydraulic Motor.

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They are the gear motors, vane motors, and piston motors. Although the general operating capacity is the same, they hold their own features respectively.

In terms of the gear motors, there are two types available. They are the internal and external types. For the former one, an output shaft and inner-outer gear set are placed inside.

And the latter type is designed with a single housing within the matched gears. These two core parts of the two main types are responsible for through the flow.

Besides, vane motors are also popular among the market of various hydraulic motors. They are the ones to be constructed of a slotted rotor onto the driving shaft, just like the wings of the equipment.

This type is designed to move to tighten the ring of transitional ramps or sections in a radial direction. And the comprehensive balance of the equipment is kept by the grooves and holes during the whole operating process.

Besides, the third main type of hydraulic motors is called the piston motor. And there are two styles available for practical use. They are the axial and radial piston motors. It means that the rotating way differs. Therefore, they are applied to two respective fields.