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How to Avoid Hair Thinning and Lush Locks?


Thick and glossy hair is known to offer beautiful looks to certain individuals. However, there are people who face issues when their thick hair starts transforming into thin along with a few lush locks. Now this transformation has reasons behind such as bad eat habits, offering less care to the hair etc. If you wish to avoid such problems, then follow some of these tips.

  1. Keep it Loose – People with long hair should consider keeping their hair lose instead of tying it as a ponytail. A ponytail is known to cause a lot of strain to the hair follicles which makes it thinner as time passes. While keeping the hair lose helps it to breathe more that helps to keep the hair more-thicker.
  2. Eat Proteins –Including proteins in your daily diet is a great way to offer strength to the hair while maintaining the thickness. Make sure you are eating healthy sources of protein such as lean meat, soy, etc.
  3. Check for Conditions – People with a thyroid condition and other medical-related conditions are known to cause hair thinning. Weight gain, get tired quickly, having dry skin are other medical-related conditions that causes hair thinning.
  4. Check the Levels of Iron – Stressful life is a bad thing in our lives. While adding more stress on already existing problems such as busy schedule, less eating of protein, heavy periods leads to a decrease in the level of iron such as Ferritin.

In order to avoid hair thinning and lush locks, consider getting soft keratin treatment at home.