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Information About Cardio For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as the curvature of the spine to the side. Normal spine curves inward in the lumbar region and outward in the chest area in the middle-back. When curvature begins to develop laterally, it can affect muscles, nerves, other bones, and even organs. Cardio helps in treating scoliosis ache

The most striking symptoms of scoliosis are 1) shoulder and/or pelvis uneven height and 2) one shoulder that stands out more than the others.

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The possible complications of scoliosis vary but are not severe in most cases. When the spine bends sideways, the spine becomes tilted around the bend and the discs in between experience uneven pressure.

This makes people with scoliosis vulnerable to early disc degeneration. Some people may experience mild respiratory complications because the curve in the thoracic spine affects the position of the rib cage.

Many people do not experience muscle pain due to scoliosis, because this condition develops in childhood and the body grows to adapt to it. Pain-related to discs is the biggest concern for people with scoliosis who want to maintain a high level of activity.

Cardiovascular exercise is an important component of a healthy life. Keeping the heart and lungs in peak physical condition allows large amounts of oxygen-rich blood to flow into body tissues, keeping them healthy and strong. People with scoliosis may find this type of exercise difficult because the spine is a high-impact area.