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Discover The Benefits Of The T3 Voice Service

T3 is the most popular variant of T carriers which has emerged from the stable of research laboratories. It is based on ethernet cable connection and is primarily found within the premises of an office. It requires a sizable investment to put the necessary hardware in place for a T3 connection.

 Further, it requires at least two to two and a half month's serious labor by the service providers to set up a properly functional T3 connection. You can get more information about voice services via

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So, it is obvious that business houses will think very hard before opting for one. But one look at the capabilities of the T3 line will dissolve all doubts in thin air!

An ordinary phone line can support either a voice call or a data transfer at any one point in time. The speed is extremely slow (as all users of dial-up internet connections must have observed) and the interruptions, noises, and outages are all too known to every user and do not merit a repetition over here.

In comparison, a T1 line has almost sixty times more speed and the voice clarity is so good that there is no scope of comparison between an ordinary telephone line and a T1 connection.

Moreover, a single T1 line has 24 channels, which in effect means that it can support 24 simultaneous sets of conversations and if there are any idle channels they can automatically be used for transporting packets of data to and from the server of the internet service provider.