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7 Unique Necklace Combinations That Will Make You Look Elegant

How to Wear a Necklace with a Dress:

When it comes to necklace combinations, however, many people overlook the importance of wearing a  perfect matching necklace with a dress.

Make sure that the necklace is the right size for your dress. Too large or too small a necklace will not look good on you. You may visit this site find a necklace that goes well with your dress color and style.

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Second, choose a neckline that will show off your necklace nicely. A low neckline will show off the detail in the necklace while a high neckline will cover it up.

Third, make sure that the jewellery is matching perfectly with your dress. If one piece of jewellery is mismatched, it will look out of place on you. Instead, try to stick to similar colors and styles so that the whole ensemble looks more cohesive.

Top 7 Necklace Combinations:

There are a lot of different necklace combinations out there, and each one can look different and elegant. Here are some of the most popular necklace combinations that you can try:

1. A necklace with a pendant or earrings.

2. A delicate necklace with a chunky earring or bracelet.

3. A stacking necklace with multiple types of beads or charms.

4. A single strand of beads or pearls tied around your neck. 

5. A mix of metals like brass, silver, and gold in your necklace design. 

6. A mix of materials like silk, leather, and suede in your necklace design. 

7. A mix of colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green in your necklace design.