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Tennis Coaching Tips for Kids

Tennis is a sport that is phenomenal for everyone, and it's never too early to start learning more about this amazing game. As with any sport, though, there are many potential dangers involved, and educate you about the dangers that may be a great way to help protect your kids during tennis classes.

Each game begins with the right gear, and while tennis star small you may think this is a no-brainer, it actually requires a little thought of you both. Start by thinking about what your kid is wearing before you ever get to court.

Shoes designed for tennis is an absolute must. They can help to support the heel and make sure she does not slide when in the field. If the surface they play in a regular court made of asphalt or concrete, adding heel inserts to minimize stress again can be a good idea.

Shoes, though, not only foot-related concerns. Socks are also important. Be sure to pick cotton socks that aren't based. They will absorb moisture and wick it away from the foot more effectively. They can also help to prevent blisters. If the blisters or foot pain becomes a problem, you might want to look into soft tennis socks.

racket equally important concern. Choosing one that is too heavy or too light can easily cause injury to the shoulder or elbow. Both the size of the grip and the right amount of tension on the strings play a role here, too.

You might want to chat with your coach a little one or a pro shop to make sure you get a racket that is the perfect size and shape for his tennis level. Make sure, though, that you take a beginner tennis star with you during the buying process.

A Good Warm-Up

There simply is no substitute for a solid warm-up before your child hits the court. Make sure you arrive early for practice or game so that they can spend five to ten minutes in a warm-up session. In some cases, the coach will help the children warm-up. If not, though, make sure your child does a few minutes of stretching, followed by several minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks.