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What Are The Mistakes You Must Avoid After An Auto Accident?

The accident is an unfortunate event. But instead of thinking of the past, we must give some thought to the future. According to an experienced attorney James S. Iagmin, people should avoid making these mistakes after the accident.

Failure to Deliver Police Report

The police report is what insurance companies use to evaluate the error after motor vehicle accidents. Always file a police report.

Car Accidents

If your name does not appear in the police report, there is an assumption that you are not even involved in a car accident. Make sure your name is listed along with the occupants of your car. Take care to ensure that all the witnesses have given statements to the police.

Failed to See Doctor Immediately

After an accident, you are responsible for proving any injuries that occur and seek appropriate treatment. Your doctor will keep medical records and diagnose injuries resulting, satisfy the burden of proof to the insurance company.

Do not delay seeking treatment for a week after the accident if you are injured immediately. The insurance company will assume that you do not really hurt and will refuse to honor your claim.

Failure Tell Doctor About Your Symptoms ALL

It's important to be sure to tell your doctor about any symptoms you may experience after an accident, even if it is an aggravation of an old injury. Do not try to mention only those who do YOU think injury-related accidents. These doctors work to determine how the associated symptoms.